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Jack Parr Associates is an internationally recognized human resources development firm specializing in customer service training and management development. Jack Parr, former All-American and NBA basketball player, started the firm in 1969.


Jack Parr Associates' premier customer service training program is the WE CARE process.

WE CARE, a professional and personal development process for improving customer satisfaction, gives customer service personnel in 15 countries the skills to negotiate with customers under stress, understand themselves and maintain personal balance, and leave at the end of the day with a tally of successful customer exchanges.

Southwestern Bell, when improving their customer perception measurement became a high priority in 1985, asked JPA for help. WE CARE, a customer relations process, was created and delivered to 12,200 front line personnel with peers as trainers. Results far exceeded expectations. WE CARE joined the pre-1990s leading edge of customer service programs and to date, more than 390,000 participants around the world use the customer care concepts daily. (see WE CARE Client List)

WE CARE differentiates itself two ways: (1) WE CARE treats the customer service giver before treating the service receiver.

Service personnel consistently report increased confidence and effectiveness with customers. Customer satisfaction measurements show a positive increase.

(2) WE CARE is built on the premise that both service giver and receiver, when given a choice, prefer rational discussions to arguments, joint defining of workable options to power struggles, and being effective over disappointing exchanges.

Customers report memorable customer service because their personal needs are heard, considered, and addressed.


Effective Management Program, a process to develop leaders, empower followers, and transform organizations, answers management development's toughest questions:

  1. How do you define a manager's specific development needs?
  2. How do you present on-the-job behavior remedies so that improvement shows?
  3. What is the motivation for improved management behavior?
  4. What is the reinforcement to improve management performance?
  5. How do you measure change?

The Effective Management Program assesses managers' on-the-job behaviors, guides managers through creating a management development plan, and measures for changes 6-12 months later. More than 15,000 managers have benefited from this approach to management development, moving forward with their personal plans either individually or in groups.


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